Caring Touch Concierge…

dianne-hentzen_caring-touch-concierge01… helping business owners retain and expand their existing client base by providing fun and memorable expressions of gratitude.

Meet Dianne!

Hello, I’m Dianne Hentzen, Caring Touch Concierge, and I love making people feel special and happy. I founded this company to help well-intentioned business owners show their clients their heartfelt thanks.

It’s my pleasure to translate thoughtfulness into B2B client appreciation and retention. I coordinate behind the scenes to make appreciation a clear and consistent theme in your business.

I’ve lived the message of care and appreciation throughout my own life as well – not that it’s always been easy! I’m a wife of over 30 years, the mother of three grown daughters (all beautiful and talented, of course), and a woman of faith with a Servant’s heart.

I’m thankful and hugely appreciative of all the blessings in my life. I currently serve on the FABWOMEN Leadership Team as the group’s Caring Expert, and in my spare time, I am a gardener, cyclist, seamstress, and animal lover.

If you are looking for new ways to thank customers and referral partners, want to add personal touches to make your business stand out, and are ready to ditch the stress around making it all happen seamlessly…

Well, that’s why I’m here. And I’d love to help you out!

Providing that Caring Touch,


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